Loans for foreigners and immigrants – Fast Approval

In today’s world of globalization, falling borders and the increasingly international financial sector, it is also in Germany that one can get as a foreigner or immigrant under almost the same conditions a loan as is the case for German citizens. The times when the banks were sometimes somewhat reserved with lending to foreigners have therefore long since passed.

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This is undoubtedly due to the fact that foreigners and immigrants are often very conscientious and reliable borrowers, as credit debts in most countries are taken somewhat more ‘seriously’ than is often the case in Singapore.

As a foreigner get a loan

The condition for foreigners to obtain a loan from Singapore banks, therefore, does not differ significantly from the conditions under which Singapore citizens can receive a loan. In addition to full business performance as a basic prerequisite, the creditworthiness test must, of course, have a positive result. This includes positive or at least non-negative information as well as the presence of a regular activity. is the licensed money lenders in Singapore.

This is to be demonstrated at the Bank’s request by submitting an employment contract. Foreigners or immigrants from the Asian States generally do not need formalities to obtain the credit. For citizens from a non-Singapore country, however, most credit institutions are required to have a valid residence permit.

In addition to the residence permit, almost all banks require the granting of a work permit before granting credit to a citizen from countries outside the European Union. The risk would simply be too great for the lenders without the submission of these documents so that the borrower would possibly be shown and the bank would then often have to write off their debts. It is also recommended for foreigners to compare the providers before using a loan.

In summary, therefore, it can be said that it is now no more difficult for foreigners and immigrants in Singapore than for Singapore citizens to get a loan. Only a passport or identity card for identification purposes and a contract of employment or salary requirements for the assessment of the creditworthiness are required as documents for the awarding of the credit.

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