Pheromone Effects on Women

Have you ever wanted to walk by a woman a seduce her with a single scent of attraction?

Pheromones Influence Women

Walk by her and have her experience a scent that she has never done so before. The combination of a fragrance and a pheromone spray to appeal to her better senses can arouse a woman’s senses beyond compare. Not to mention a most memorable imprint that will leave such an experience stuck in her heard for who knows how long.

How Pheromones Work on Women

This is what a pheromone scent does to the senses of a woman. The reactions in her brain start to overwork themselves as the scent of attraction is inhaled.

Although the use of pheromone on the skin is growing in popularity, it is always good for a man to understand that not only is the competition in dating getting tougher but so is the chase. Learn more at

Women do not only love a man with an awesome sense of humor, they also want a man that has the right chemistry which includes the right appearance and the right scent each and every time. So, the next time you go out and walk by a woman, make sure that not only you have the confidence, but the scent that will make her turn her head and captivate her senses.

Pheromones On Women In Night Clubs

Are women in strip clubs seducing their clients with pheromones? As a man, we often may wander into a “Gentlemen’s club” or “strip joint” to enjoy the night while being close to a woman. Her senses, her smell and her closeness appeal to men everywhere. But what are they wearing under their skin? I know it can’t be just their soap. What if they are wearing a scent, a scent so captivating that beckons the attention of men to get closer to them. Learn more at

That’s right, I’m talking about that infamous laptop dance or private session. Are these women during their men in with a scent of seduction. The use of pheromones in these pleasurable places are no secret and are strategic to lure men in closer to them. If pheromones work well in a strip club, you can imagine how well they work in the bedroom or entice a loved one close to you. Hmm, something intriguing to think about indeed.

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