Lion dance – Quite famous among Singapore

Lion Dance is only the traditional dance that came from the Chinese civilization. In some places they are mistakenly denoted as snake dance. But they are lion dance. Despite the fact that their source is China, they are quite famous in several Asian nations. As its name suggests in this dance the lion’s movement is going to be mimicked by the actors. Despite the fact that these dances bring great pleasure, they are thought to bring good luck and fortune. This is why this dance is done before beginning any fantastic occasion. As an example they are performed during marriage, company opening and through a number of other special events. Especially this sort of dance is highly popular in Malaysia. This dance will surely be a part in all their particular events.

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Lion dance – forms

There are essentially two kinds of lion dance. This include southern and northern lion dance. Aside from these, there are also some regional types of lion dances. There will be some difference in the looks in each kinds of dance. The northern lion dance will be performed by male and female lions. While contemplating southern lion dance, it is one horn and it was originated from Guangdong.


It is to be mentioned that this dance will come with music and instruments. Basically drums and gongs will be utilized in order to improve the interest of the dance to a larger extent. The performers will dance in line with the music played at the background. Today, many other innovative musical instruments are being used as a way to impress the audiences to a larger extent.


The Costumes for this dance will be more interesting than they seem to be. Many interesting colors will be utilized as a way to make this costume in the very best. There are lots of specialty craft stores where these costumes are being made. And these costumes are also exported to other countries around the world.

Lion dance troupe

People, who need a Lion Dance Singapore performance for their events, can reserve the lion dance troupe. The Lion Dance Singapore can be booked easily through internet. All these troupes are well trained and they are quite famous in and around Singapore. Hence people who should drag fortune and luck by their side can prefer to reserve this troupe ahead of time. These troupes will offer the best performance based on the demands and requirements of their customers.

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