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In today’s world of globalization, falling borders and the increasingly international financial sector, it is also in Germany that one can get as a foreigner or immigrant under almost the same conditions a loan as is the case for German citizens. The times when the banks were sometimes somewhat reserved with lending to foreigners have therefore long since passed.

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This is undoubtedly due to the fact that foreigners and immigrants are often very conscientious and reliable borrowers, as credit debts in most countries are taken somewhat more ‘seriously’ than is often the case in Singapore.

As a foreigner get a loan

The condition for foreigners to obtain a loan from Singapore banks, therefore, does not differ significantly from the conditions under which Singapore citizens can receive a loan. In addition to full business performance as a basic prerequisite, the creditworthiness test must, of course, have a positive result. This includes positive or at least non-negative information as well as the presence of a regular activity. is the licensed money lenders in Singapore.

This is to be demonstrated at the Bank’s request by submitting an employment contract. Foreigners or immigrants from the Asian States generally do not need formalities to obtain the credit. For citizens from a non-Singapore country, however, most credit institutions are required to have a valid residence permit.

In addition to the residence permit, almost all banks require the granting of a work permit before granting credit to a citizen from countries outside the European Union. The risk would simply be too great for the lenders without the submission of these documents so that the borrower would possibly be shown and the bank would then often have to write off their debts. It is also recommended for foreigners to compare the providers before using a loan.

In summary, therefore, it can be said that it is now no more difficult for foreigners and immigrants in Singapore than for Singapore citizens to get a loan. Only a passport or identity card for identification purposes and a contract of employment or salary requirements for the assessment of the creditworthiness are required as documents for the awarding of the credit.

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The best option for quick loan in Singapore

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Most people around the world have faced financial troubles at one point or the other. It is almost impossible to avoid such situations in life. It is at times like these that we often look towards the banks for loans. Besides having financial crunch there are other situations too where we feel the need to borrow some money from the bank. In case of business expansion, buying real estates. Renovation of house or office or just to take buy new things, we seek loans. The number of advertisements about banks willingness to give loans may often fool people to believe that getting a bank loan is a piece of cake. The reality though is very different. The truth is that getting a good moneylender Singapore can be quite the task.

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In this article we will be discussing why one of the best options to borrow money is to get a loan from Credit Excel Capital. The following are some of the key things that you should know about this company before you go and ask for a loan from any other source.


Credit Excel Capital was established back in the summer of 2010. Since its inception it has gone on to make a very good name for itself in the span of just about seven years. It is a testament to the great service that it has provided through these years that it is now considered as the number one personal credit provider in Singapore. It is one moneylender Singapore that has topped in customer satisfaction.

Quick Processing

We have all been in situations where we wait for our loans to be processed for a considerable amount of time only to find out that it has been rejected. In case of Credit Excel Capital you will notice a marked difference in their approach. This company does not put you through long and tedious processes for approval of loans applications. They ensure that their customers get loans conveniently and efficiently. The wait period for loan approvals are short which makes it one of the fastest loan providers in Singapore.

Flexible Repayment Schemes

Keeping in mind the customer’s interests they offer flexible loan repayment schemes to suit the customer’s needs. In this case you can choose to repay fixed amounts on per month basis or repay on a date of the month as per your convenience

All these factors make this company the go to place for personal loans.

Guide to the loans for a Small Business Start Up

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The main hurdle in establishing for any small business or a start-up venture is to get money and invest it into the business. Several large business ideas bite into the grass just for the simple reason that funding for starting it up will not be arranged in the agreed time frames. But like all the unsuccessful business plans you do not have to worry about financing bit by bit as we are here specifically to solve your financing problems with the least possible effort. Like other credit offer services, we understand the importance of financing without risk to your assets. There are other loans facilitating services as well, but they are a bit cautious to share your risk as they offer only loans to inform the company that is fertile to them. While other good business plans have cut a sad figure just because of the lack of finances now it’s time you get what your company deserves.

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How to arrange fund for small business start up?

There are many moneylenders sg and also online portals like on which you can expect to worry about finding a loan with the lowest possible risk. Some of them will also provide you with bad credit business credit facilities at comparatively lower rates than that of various existing financial organizations or individual lenders. The main point to note is that most online portals do not expel any confidential or personal information that can be legal, such as email address, name or other important information that cannot be distributed so that you can access them the bank can to get apt solutions. Not only do these portals or promotional organizations provide business loans for bad credit, but also provide you with loans for business start-up financing.

Apart from that, these companies hire an experienced employee and strive with their expertise in helping you get you started with the various tips and strategies to get your start up business and running in no time. You can definitely rely on these organizations as they provide you with professional assistance in planning out the implementation methods and a few tips on how to gradually expand your business and make it into something great. Moneylender sg, the typical customers who are taking loans are new and existing companies that have some sort of shop window or service-based business like Restaurants, retailers, garments, cleaning, day spas, medical practices, automotive shops, etc.